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by Joel Levin


Here is a collation of my writings that have been

published on a number of sites since 2012.

Part philosophy, part self reflection all of it my experience.

Some are straight blogs, some are more allegorical in nature,

all of them present a different way to look at life.

The rising tide raises all vessels

There is a saying that the high tide raises all boats. It implies that when times are good, all businesses improve, regardless of size or quality.

It is an idiom that could be used not only for business but in other facets of life as well. While on the surface this is true, the only problem is that it misses part of the equation… how long is the anchor line or mooring? Unless adrift, all boats are anchored or tethered to a mooring of some kind and the length of that mooring will determine what stress the rising tide will place on any given vessel. The longer the rope, the less resistance to the change, the shorter the rope the more resistance, as the rope effectively pulls the boat down into the water.

So how might this apply to life?

According to the Ageless Wisdom, as presented by many world teachers over the centuries including Serge Benhayon in modern times, planet Earth is a schoolyard for the evolution of humanity. This evolution is not the one of the improvement in our standard of living or the physical prowess of the species, but it is for developing our collective awareness. Primarily, that awareness is that we are something far more than human and that we have an important energetic nature to our being that we need to understand.

The most fundamental aspect of this energetic nature to be understood is that there are two distinct energetic qualities that we can align to: spirit or soul.

The spirit is a lower energetic vibration than the soul. The spirit is the aspect of our being that is more committed to limiting our awareness to the temporal elements of life, whereas the soul is love, and love only ever wants to offer any being the understanding of the universe, how it works and our role within it.

Further to this, there is an entire hierarchy of beings, much like us, that have already learnt this difference and who work with us constantly to support the development of our awareness. Because they work with the energetic quality of love, the awareness is something that is offered to all equally. We each have a choice to raise our awareness, or not.

Thus, the limiting factor to the level of awareness available to humanity (the tide) is the limiting degree to which we are fixated on life being as we demand it to be (the length of the rope). There are some, who despite all evidence to the contrary, demand that black is white, or vice versa, and fight awareness (change) tooth and nail. There are some who accept what is being offered, even though it may bring into question what they see around them.

Thus becomes the tricky balancing act of human development – how much awareness is someone offered so that with free will, they will say yes to more? This is the magic part of the awareness of love – each time you say yes, the rope lengthens itself. Yet each time you say no, the strain on the vessel (the body) becomes that much more pronounced. Indeed, there are some people who are holding onto fixed views of life so tightly that they are, figuratively speaking, living under water. Unfortunately, they have been doing this for so long, that this has become normal.

For example, various enquiries around the world have shown the present day media is not keeping up with the level of honesty and integrity being asked of it

It has become so reliant on sensationalism, gossip and headline-grabbing stories that it is struggling to offer humanity any meaningful discourse and information as to what is really going on.

The same can be said for most services. The health system is struggling under the financial burden of modalities that help alleviate the symptoms but do little to eradicate the cause of disease. An education system that is struggling to support children to learn ‘whole of life’ skills so as to respond to the ever-increasing behavioural issues being presented from kindergarten to high school.

Suicides feature all too highly in global statistics along with alarming rates of depression and other mental health illnesses.

This all suggests that at a very personal level, our vessels are feeling the tension of holding on too tightly to our current paradigms of life.

Here are some paradigms offered by love:

  • that while we always have free will, we will also have a responsibility to ourselves and to each other – if the world is a pool of energy and one pees in one end of the pool, eventually it affects everyone.

  • life is about developing our collective awareness – this may not always happen at the same time for each person, however, what is learnt should never be just for the benefit of self or of a few.

  • that energetic awareness is paramount for any real understanding about life.

  • that our bodies are the marker of truth when it comes to what is and what is not loving – the more we connect to our innate sensitivity the more accurately we can discern these all-important ‘body’ signals.

Look around and consider that humanity’s way of life is not it. The reality is that the tide is rising faster than ever before. We either let go of what many demand life to be or end up being pulled under by those very same ill-demands.


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