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Coaching with a twist...

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Coaching is about looking at the ways in which you navigate life and supporting you with a fresh pair of eyes, to reflect, plan and implement new ways of tackling different situations. However Joel's approach comes with a twist...

What is the twist? - Energetic Awareness

Everything is energy, this is a known fact of life. However, we are never taught how to deal with life at this energetic level. It makes little sense that the one thing that is 'everything' is the one thing that we are not well developed in understanding and dealing with.

So, the twist is that energetic awareness becomes our touchstone ... we will deal with the practical stuff but not without exploring and developing your own relationship to what is felt at this energetic level.

This means our sessions are about building your ability to 'read' and interpret life through the everything, that makes the everything, everything - ENERGY.

Why deal with life at this energetic level?

Place a towel over your arm, then another and another and another and when someone touches the uppermost towel, you are likely to say that you can’t feel anything and, to a degree, you would be right – but this doesn’t mean that there is nothing going on!

Life can feel quite harsh at times and people are more sensitive to life than we are often allowed to admit. The result is that we find many different ways to avoid seeing and feeling what is actually going on at this energetic level. This is the same as placing layers of towels over your arm. The problem is that we become so used to these layers, that we think that living with the extra weight of the towels is normal. Yet the fact is there is a difference between what is normal and what we have gotten used to.


It turns out that this sensitivity to energy is our most powerful tool.


Energy is the one constant in life. We cannot do anything without connecting to some form of energy first. Anger comes from and with a certain energy and the emotion aside, this feels different to frustration; being selfish, inspired, stressed. They all have their own texture but this means they all have an energetic origin ...

We can react to what we feel, pretend that we don't​ feel or we can deal with life at the true causal and most holistic level - Energy.


About Joel​

With a background in community services, counselling, coaching and natural therapies, Joel is a full member of the International Association for Coaching and the Esoteric Practitioners Association.

Read more about Joel's professional and personal background here.

"There is an ease that comes through working with Joel, where seeming issues or problems become simple.


I find Joel real and relatable, and have come to a greater understanding of what holds me back and to a deeper appreciation of the wonderous beauty that lives within.

Joel's  warmth and understanding is such a treasure, I am able to let go of layers of protection to allow more of the essence within come to the fore."

"Joel brings a focus on ‘what gets in the way’ rather than ‘what to improve’ or change. 

Every session offers more clarity to confirm what is true and let go of what is not!

Joel’s adaptable and super practical support has me feeling the ease of living life’s goals rather than trying to achieving them! "

"I highly recommend Joel, because his level of integrity, responsibility and care for the client is stupendous.

He walks his talk - everything what he has saying is lived by himself.

Another quality of Joel is his unimposing way of coaching. He never tells you what to do. Instead, he is providing the space, so that the truth of a client can unfold."



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