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by Joel Levin


Here is a collation of my writings that have been

published on a number of sites since 2012.

Part philosophy, part self reflection all of it my experience.

Some are straight blogs, some are more allegorical in nature,

all of them present a different way to look at life.

Clairsentience — A global language we all speak

Imagine a language that can be spoken and understood by everyone, regardless of age, gender, nationality or religion. A language so precise that there is little room for misinterpretation, assumption or ‘alternative facts’.

When this language is spoken, its sole purpose is the growth, development, and learning of either the person speaking or the person listening. It is a language that comes with an inbuilt understanding of life's bigger picture. It understands our place in the world and has a wisdom the would outstrip all the world’s PHDs in an instant.

It is a language that everyone spoke as children but slowly forgot as we grew older. It is the language of clairsentience, the language of feeling life from your body, unlimited by the needs, hurts, belief and ideals of the mind.

Watch a child respond to a family member that they don’t trust and they have a whole body response. They may have never met this person before, but there is something they feel that is not quite right. Usually, the adults scold the child for being rude, but all the child was doing was being true to what they feel — thier clairsentience.

The fact is we all feel deeply, all of life, all of the time… well, we all have the access to this depth of feeling, the reality is that we don’t. In part because we have been taught not to trust our feelings by a heavy reliance on the intellect and told that our sensitivity is something to be ‘gotten over’ rather than something we can learn how to thrive with.

Yet, while we can might be able to ignore this level of awareness, this doesn’t mean that we stop feeling. Our senses don’t sleep, we simply prioritises what we do and don’t want to pay attention to. In essence, we limit our experience of life to those things our mind has determined is important.

The result is a self affirming experience of life, filled with interactions that confirm what we think is true and ignoring the experience that would suggest otherwise. Ask you body how it feels after a night out drinking and its response will be somewhat different to the mind that got off on an alcoholic high.

Clairsentience can’t play this game. What is felt is felt, and what is felt will either deepen our inner sense of connection or conflict with this. We are either doing things that foster a deeper connection or dismantling this connection. If we a fostering a deeper connection to ourselves, we are connecting to a place of Love (our essence). Love, by its nature cannot play favourites, it isn’t interested in hurting others or yourself and if love sits at the core of our life, it doesn’t matter who or where we are.

Decision making becomes about what is and isn’t loving, based on what it felt, rather than any picture we might have. for example it may be more loving for someone to get out of a long term relationship, rather than stick it out.

One one hand, this makes life very simple. On another level, clairsentience makes life tricky, because we don’t trust what we feel in each moment, or we mistake what we are feeling to something we are ‘reacting’ too. ie: being driven by our needs and hurts and not by what is felt beneath the these needs or hurts.

A note to the wise; one the first step is to discern the myriad of techniques on offer, some of which deliver this true connection and some simply leave us feeling ‘blissed out’ but not really more deeply connected. Regardless of these dead end turns, it is a skills well worth re-developing because clairsentience is a level of sensitivity that delivers profound insights into how we have constructed life.

A constructed life is one where we eat, sleep, move in a way that allows us to feel life to the level we are comfortable with rather than seeing or feeling all there is to see.

For example, can we accurately feel what is going on if our nervous system is elevated and running at a pace with sugar, caffeine or emotional stress? or can we accurately feel what is going on, if our body is full of foods that leave it feeling heavy and dull?

We are intelligent beings, yet seem to be very good at using that intelligence to ‘take the edge’ of life, which could be said is a level of dishonesty. In fact, the mind will defend, selectively interpret, ridicule and do whatever it needs to to justify its needs.

Yet, the body is unwavering in what it feels.

This means for deeper insights into life, we need to be willing to establish a way of living that is able to feel and interpret the signals the body sends and filter out the smoke screen the mind is so capable of emitting.

The gentle breath meditation, is as way tool to being to relearn the language of clairsentience.


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