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by Joel Levin


Here is a collation of my writings that have been

published on a number of sites since 2012.

Part philosophy, part self reflection all of it my experience.

Some are straight blogs, some are more allegorical in nature,

all of them present a different way to look at life.

In full flight

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Cast your mind back to the days of man learning to fly. We threw ourselves into this endeavour with an equal measure of passion, commitment and what often bordered on the ridiculous; mechanical wings that flapped, pedal-powered rotor blades and people catapulting themselves into the air in the hope of achieving sustained flight.

In those early days most fell back to earth defeated, broken and while some tried again there were those who died committed to the search for answers. Once the uplift created by aerodynamics was understood, all of a sudden we began to design machines that moved through the air in a way that worked in harmony with the forces of nature: the results are aeroplanes of such size that they seem to defy logic, yet they don’t defy nature!

Our attempts at flight are a microcosm of humanity’s incessant desire to understand life, and how silly we can look once we finally understand life as it really is. Understanding aerodynamics showed us just how misguided previous attempts at flight were.

With a key piece of understanding we can look back at how mankind was convinced they knew what would work, only to be shown that they were destined to continue to crash and burn (in this case quite literally).

Of course this headlong attempt to throw ourselves at life is not limited to flight; all manner of sciences and religions are prefaced on a desire to understand and improve life. Yet at some point it would be interesting to consider what our future selves might think about some of the things we do in this attempt at understanding.

For example, simple meditation techniques like the Gentle Breath MeditationTM show that connection can be achieved without sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours on end. Esoteric Yoga has shown that the quality of our connection must come before any movement and not our ability to stand on our heads or place our ankles around our ears. These show that our core strength and flexibility do not add anything to the quality of that connection.

Both of these modalities have been developed through a philosophical and religious approach to life called The Way of The Livingness. This approach is showing that we have indeed missed key pieces of understanding.

Those missing elements can be described in 3 ways:

That energy is the foundation to all life. That we only ever choose between two energetic qualities – Love and everything else that is not that same love. That our choice of energy ultimately determines what we experience in life.

These three concepts may not seem like startling revelations, yet combine them and you get a very powerful tool for changing life in a way that can be quite profound. So let’s explore further.

The fact that energy is the foundation of life is now irrefutable science. Philosophers have been saying this for thousands of years. Einstein turned it into mathematics back in the early 1900’s and it has since been confirmed and affirmed through various schools of quantum physics.

Yet we still live in a way that pretends this is not true.

This approach seems to be much like ‘those daring young men in their flying machines, who go ditty up up and down ditty down, down!’

Those daring young men were trying to learn the laws of aerodynamics, yet when it comes to energy we have already learnt these laws. Energy is the cornerstone of life, yet the majority of people take one of two approaches.

Some discount this fact and tinker with life at the temporal level, using only part of what is in front of them to explain and understand life. In this approach, it is like people are trying to solve life’s big questions using a calculator but refusing to press the + or – button. The result is competing theories, philosophies and theologies about life.

Add in the fact of energy and we now have a unified foundation for everyone.

Granted, it’s the next step that is the bigger challenge – connecting words like energy and love. This is where the conversation can become relegated to those who wear beaded necklaces and cheesecloth. However, it is part of our everyday and the more we understand life as energy and then consider that there may be different qualities of energy, the more things start to change in a dramatic way.

With energy as the cornerstone of life, then it follows that different outcomes or experience may start first from an energetic quality.

What is the quality of energy a dad connects to when he picks up his newborn son with an absolute care and tenderness? What is the quality deep within when a woman stares down domestic violence and says ‘no more’?

We must have something at our core that we can connect to that shows us how to be tender, or what is hurtful or abusive. The fact that we can feel hurt means that at our core we have something that we compare those experiences to and say ‘ouch’. The exploration of energetic quality gives us the opportunity for this to become our starting point for understanding life and not our last resort. That core feeling (or energy) is love.

Fostering ‘connection’ to that core is probably where humanity will have the most ‘fun’ when it flicks back through our collective photo album of history – ‘connection’ through crystals, spanking, not talking to anyone for days at a time or joining with a team of other people and trying to pummel another team into the ground. There are any number of ‘flying’ machines we have built and continue to build in our quest for connection. Many seem destined to crash because they simply refuse to consider the quality of energy they are starting from. But what if we are simply willing to press the + and – button on the calculator?!

It all sounds simple but the fact is that at times it’s not. We have built lots of monuments and ‘flying machines’ in our search for connection. Admitting these are not working is a process that takes time.

It takes time to sort through what is real and what is not; it takes time to heal the broken bones and lives from the crashes we endure in our search. It takes time to admit that there is no other way forward than to work with the ultimate natural law – the fact of energetic quality.

Much like those early attempts at flying, the sooner we start working with how life works, the sooner we begin to fly in more ways than one. The issue is not about knowing, but rather where we get our knowing from – love.


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