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by Joel Levin


Here is a collation of my writings that have been

published on a number of sites since 2012.

Part philosophy, part self reflection all of it my experience.

Some are straight blogs, some are more allegorical in nature,

all of them present a different way to look at life.

Listening to Your Body – A New Body Corporate

If our bodies were a company we would be in all sorts of trouble!

Imagine a company that was trying to poison its staff. Imagine the global response if the company tried to tell the world that what they are giving staff is a treat for all the hard work they’ve put in, or that they are only poisoning people a little bit.

Yet as owners of our bodies we eat foods every day that our bodies respond to like they are a poison, such as alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. But we say to ourselves that we are only drinking or eating a little bit, or that we are giving ourselves a treat or reward.

There is often outcry over the way some companies ignore the concerns and wishes of the people who work for them and the place they operate. Unsafe work practice or working people until they get sick is seen as abusive behaviour and something not to be tolerated. How would the world respond if the company tried to explain to the world that the staff just needed to push through to meet their deadline and production needs, again and again?

Yet as owners of our bodies, how often do we ignore the messages our bodies are giving us?

How often do we keep pushing our body to the point of ill health? How often do we put a deadline ahead of our own wellbeing?

How long would the world accept a company’s apology and affirmation that they “will do better,” if they returned to the same old behaviours once people stopped looking? Yet as owners of our own bodies, once the ‘symptoms’ have gone how often do we return to the same behaviours that caused the issues in the first place?

It would seem that we as humans have body issues beyond how we look. We seem to abuse, push, and or suppress the wealth of information that our body provides day in day out. We seem to accept that our body is something to be driven, often responding with resentment when it ‘fails’ us, not taking note of what we have put it through.

The truth is our body, when we listen to it, has a level of productivity and rhythm of living that can outdo any corporate CEO’s output.

If we take the time to listen, observe and respond to what our sleep, our cravings, our energy levels, and our emotional stability is showing us, we will begin to discover a whole new body corporate.

Inspired by the Universal Medicine audio “The Way of the Livingness 19”


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